What is NeuroLinguistic Programming NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a behavioural science that was developed in the 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It is a powerful and explicit model of human experience and communication.
In practical terms NLP is a methodology for modelling human behaviour. Specifically, NLP is used to model examples of human excellence in every field of endeavour, and then seeks to find ways to replicate that behaviour in others. NLP has been used to model various forms of human interaction including communication, memory, motivation, behavioural patterns and relationships.

NLP may best be described as "the science of human excellence"!
So how does this NLP thing help me?
Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) benefits people who wish to maximise the power of communication with others. It is ideal for those involved with training and presentation, education, human resources, management, sales and marketing, mediation and negotiation, performance coaching or counselling.NLP can also be used to help understand and alter unconscious behaviours that may be unhelpful or limiting. Habits and patterns of behaviours exist at the unconscious level and are part of our programming.

NLP provides us with knowledge and insights into how we operate as humans and how we process and store information and the most important of all - how we can change behaviours and feelings that no longer serve us.
Ultimately, NLP gives us tools to make changes for ourselves and to assist other people.
.NLP is not Magic It just teaches you how your Brain Works
Most personal development courses and coaching programmes now incorporate NLP in some of their practices. NLP is infiltrating all areas of work places and peoples lives. As a result there are many differing uses that NLP is being applied to and many different views of its benefits and risks.

.Claims for NLP range from "It will revolutionise your life" to "it is a pseudo-science used to prey on the gullible". Any tool can be mis-used in the hands of the unwise or undisciplined person and NLP is no exception, hence less scrupulous uses of NLP have arisen including using it to generate "cult like worship" in large groups, as a sales tool for manipulating na´ve buyers and as a tool for "rapid seduction".

We have seen and personally experienced extraordinary benefits being gained from appropriate use of NLP techniques. It is also clear that NLP is being adopted widely throughout teaching, self-help and corporate environments and therefore is worth understanding so that we can decide how best to use it for our own benefit and that of clients. We do not propose that NLP is a quick-fix solution for any issue. We do not suggest that every claim made by NLP proponents or trainers be accepted at face value.

.The study of NLP is generally taught in an accelerated manner using direct examples and hands-on experiential training, as this is the way the natural mind and brain work. One of the best ways to learn about NLP is to experience it directly by working with an accredited NLP Practitioner. There are also many books written about NLP and its applications.


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By: Chris Young

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