To Find The Perfect Girl

Article 1. Introduction from a new book by Mark Buckingham, entitled: To find the perfect girl.This is the true story of a modern day quest, a quest to really see if it is possible to find the girl of your dreams in this dynamic and fast moving world we live in today.

But let's just set the record straight before I tell you any more?. I wanted to see if it was possible to find an "Alpha female" a girl that was so beautiful you could not help but stare at, she would turn heads wherever she went, my very own Supermodel, but also this girl had to have a normal attitude about life and not the stereotypical stuck up woman one can normally associate with a girl of that calibre. Yes, the girl of my dreams! .Now before you all say anything like "But you need lots of money for a girl like that" I will tell you a little about my self. I was born near Blackpool in the UK, into a middle class family and always worked for myself, starting my own small company like many people in the UK, I would say I am average looking, although I know how to make the most of myself, I fall into the average wage bracket, and I am an average earner. So there was no chance I was going to buy my love, my plan was simple, I was going to use me, a little bit of psychology, and maybe just a little bit of the treat them mean option as well.

I suppose we all have our problems in life, my problem I am now convinced was psychological, having studied and read an awful lot about dating psychology, women and reading my past journal notes. My problem was, I was not interested in relationships with women unless they were tall, slim and supper attractive model types. Why is this a problem you ask? Well in the UK and France for example these girls amount to only 3 or 4 in 200 if you are lucky, they generally are never single and those that are which amount to 1 in 600 are usually psychotic bunny boilers with no personality and will only ever love money. So my quest was truly for the Holy Grail, would it actually be possible to find the girl of my dreams. .

For this project, I had a small army of close friends as I was going to need some help both with the quest for the Holy Grail (to find my dream girl) and with my company, because although it was almost self running I was going to take 3 years from work and concentrate full time on my quest, although this actually took just over 5 years due to a small hiccup in my plans. I thought at the time I would also write about my story because I was interested in dating psychology and although I never intended to write a book, I thought it would be interesting to publish extracts of my quest from a psychology point of view in terms of the various situations I found myself in. So it was only at the persistence of my friends convincing me I should write a book about my adventures that I decided to publish. .

I decided from the beginning my Quest was going to be done properly, scientifically, I was going to use everything I could possibly muster to find and be happy with my Dream Girl. The quest would be World Wide. .

My story and problem really began in 1992?. .

.Mark Buckingham For more information on this story which is 70% complete as of March 28th 2006 totalling approx 100,000 words. contact Mark Buckingham on my site Travel Ukraine and click contacts.

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By: Mark Buckingham

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