The Alluring Impression of Mens Sounds Smells the Naked Truth in Dating

Personal hygiene and many of our mannerisms - we somehow take these aspects too much for granted. I am including this topic here primarily because I realize that too many of us are not even aware that certain very subtle signals that we give out in terms of sounds and smells, play a very important role in making us attractive or otherwise. For instance, here are a few voluntary and involuntary sounds we make, which are terribly disgusting to women and make us very unacceptable to them:.? Burping: Yes, it happens normally after a heavy meal.

But refrain, even at the most casual get-togethers. If you find it coming, excuse yourself politely and go out and release yourself.? Snorting, snoring and other throat related noises: Control them or cure them. They act as lady-repellants.

? Farting: Disgusting, yet such a natural physiological phenomenon. And it is controllable ? through proper medication and diet control. Just a wee bit of care for your health, and you can manage to evade this horrible event.? Breath: This is important. You can check if you have bad breath just by licking your skin or smelling your saliva. Always carry mouth-fresheners or chew mint occasionally (not gum).

? Foot odor: It can be so obnoxious that you can throw an entire roomful of people out, the moment you open your shoes. Guys, change your socks regularly and use shoe deodorizers. They are easily available.

The other very successful and popular lady-repellant is your body odor (B.O in short). If you do not want ladies (except those living in underdeveloped countries) to appear within a mile radius, go ahead and stay with your B.O. Guys, have a good bath regularly.

Use Deodorants for your armpits and antiperspirants, if you sweat like a horse. There are some men who are used to having a "Gypsy Bath" ? meaning covering up their stinks with perfumes, colognes, body sprays and after-shaves. Remember these can never fully paralyze your own B.O.Practice having good showers, more so, if you are living in a tropical climate. I remember working with a guy, who used to spray Brut allover his clothes ? so much so every time he walked past, you would imagine a carcass van just went by.

I did talk to him about improving his personal hygiene, but then, you would hardly find anyone giving you advice on these issues. Because it is such a delicate and personal subject not many people wish to discuss about it. You have to take care of it yourself.

In case you use cologne or an after-shave, use good, high-quality brands. Some perfumes suit particular bodies. Try and find out which one suit you best. And for heavens' sake use little. There are some men, who move about smelling like a room-deodorant.

Calvin Klein brands are used by many men but there are many unique low-publicized brands, which are equally good and lasting. Ideally your woman should smell you when she gets close to you, not making a beeline for the door to run away from the perfume.This article may be re-published with appropriate attribution to the author including name and website Copyright.

.Joshua Goh is dating & relationship expert. His desire is to motivate and support single men, women and couples to overcome the obstacles preventing them from attaining the loving relationships and lives they really want.

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By: Joshua Goh

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