SelfImprovement Programs Which Is The One For You Critically Important Questions To Consider

There are literally thousands of self improvement books, courses and programs on the market at any given time, with a wide price range and an even wider range of promises.Before you invest a dime there are four critically important questions you must consider when trying to decide which information is right for you.As someone who enjoys the GROWTH part of the "Self Growth Process" I have invested in my fare share of self growth information programs.

Over the years I have found that there are four very important questions to ask first to ensure that I receive the most beneficial information for my particular problem.Here they are in order:.1) Is the program or course SPECIFIC to your needs for solving the problem?.It is one thing to spend hours and hours searching the Internet for free information which offers a rather broad perspective on a wide range of topics. You will find that narrowing your focus allows you to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

For Example:.A program on how to break bad habits or one on self hypnosis for rapid weight loss or to quit smoking, speaks directly to the specific area and usually offers some kind of step by step detail, which saves lots of time and helps you reach your goals faster.2) Who is the person presenting the information, how many people has he/she helped and is it documented? (I realize this is really three questions, but I think you see where I'm going.).Most times I'm not just looking for information, I'm looking for someone to teach me specific information through a step by step system that has worked for people just like me, who are dealing with the same problem.

I don't care much about credentials, although seeing some advanced study background is comforting, it means less to me than proven results.3) Does the program come with a money back guarantee?.Like I said, I invest in a lot of information, but it doesn't just sit on the shelf and collect dust. I apply it, then measure my results.If it inspires me to grow, I keep it. If not, it gets sent back along with my suggestions on how I think the product could be improved.

I have come to realize that not every program works for every person so having a money back guarantee is very important. With a money back guarantee you are never at risk of being stuck with a program that didn't work for you. Look for at least 90 days to 6 months.4) Is there on going support and updates?.It is always nice to find a good newsletter that you enjoy reading. Often times you will come across an inspiring story that will keep you motivated to press on and achieve your goals.

Investing in yourself is a major key to personal growth. Invest wisely by considering these four simple questions before you lay down your hard earned money. The information you finally decide on will have a more direct impact in your life.(c) Andy Thompson - All Rights reserved.


Andy Thompson is a writer who enjoys the GROWTH part of the Self Growth Process. His articles can be found in many self-improvement e-zines on the Internet. Andy publishes a Bad Habit Breaking 101 Newsletter and he recomends Lee Milteer's Proven 21 Day Habit Busting program, you can read more about them both at

By: Andy Thompson

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