Lifes Small Pleasures for the Average Working Stiff

The drudgery of daily life can take its' toll if you're not careful. Working two jobs is now the norm for a lot of us. Even after the monthly bills are paid, you don't have the time or energy, let alone any extra money for lifes' little pleasures, like dinner, the movies, or any kind of outing. There doesn't seem to be any way out for the average joe.

Well don't quit just yet. Well here may be somewhat of an answer to your prayers. The only items needed you probably already possess.

A computer, a connection to the web, and the will and ability to follow the steps I will outline. Welcome to the world of Incentivized Freebie Websites. Nobody is giving anything worth having for absolutely nothing. You'll need to invest at least your time. Can you invest about 3 hours a day for 30 days? If you can, you'll easily earn a good $250-$1000 or more! Think of some of the small pleasures you can enjoy. Cash is #1 for me, but goods such as ipods, xbox(s), tv(s), computers and the like can be acquired for yourself, or as gifts, and all for FREE.

Big name advertisers such as Blockbuster, Netflix, Doubleday, and others are actively seeking new customers. To do this, as sponsors they are listing what are called "offers"; on various "freebie" websites. There is a requirement to fulfill in order to get your cash/gift. This is generally three-fold. 1.

Pick your gift/cash.2.Completing the "offers requirement";, 3.

Obtain referrals. The specific details of how many offers to complete, and the time it takes to be credited with completion can be found in the menubar of the website. The cost of the offers to you,the prospective customer can range from free to nominal, to whatever you choose on the list at its' special price also found on the listing page.

In return there is a trial period to use their product, and decide whether or not to continue.YOU CAN ONLY DO OFFERS ONCE, even if from a different site! This is crucial, once you do an offer, you're not a new customer. It's important that you only choose offers you are genuinely interested in and complete the attedant trial period. You will probably need to complete 2 or more offers to meet this requirement. Once this is done, the requirement "bar" on the website will turn green, this is also called "going green". CANCELING THE OFFERS BEFORE THE END OF THE TRIAL PERIOD, OR DOING IDENTICAL OFFERS MORE THAN ONCE CAN RESULT IN YOU GOING "RED" AND YOUR ACCOUNT PLACED ON HOLD, screwing yourself, you get nothing, zip, nada, good day sir.

I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST THIS. When done with this part, a referral link will be given to you. This is how you will be able to refer the others, whose number you picked when choosing your gift,to the site, for which you will be credited. So where does the money come from? Aha! you thought I forgot didn't you?The money comes from the advertisers.

Remember step 1,and the gift/cash you picked? They will send send cash via paypal. so you'll need an a paypal account which is very easy to set up. This money is paid weekly or monthly. Just go to paypal's website and follow the directions.

You don't need a verified account for this. NOT ONLY THAT! On the way to getting your free gift, you get to earn daily money from everyday working stiffs like you and me. And we will pay anywhere from $20.00-$65.

00 and possibly more per site, depending on our particular needs! Check out my resource box for details.

Get additional details on Brent Newby's blog about incentivized freebie websites. Learn where to find those eager to pay you, and how to obtain those sought after referrals. Included also are many other free item programs.

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