How to cope with stress and increase your natural energy

About a quarter of all people who visit their doctor or medical health practitioner complain about feeling tired, run down or exhausted. Often an underlying health issue is the cause and their body is using all of its available energy to combat the disease process which is the cause of the health issue.

However, what if you are in general good health and still suffer from a lack of energy? What steps can you take to improve your energy safely and naturally?

The effects of stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and allergies can all contribute to fatigue and tiredness so it's important to look at your lifestyle as a whole instead of focusing on a single aspect.

Under normal conditions stress is good for our bodies and provides drive, attention and persistence for our goals and aspirations. However, today we are subjected to longer periods and higher levels of stress than our bodies can cope with.

If you are tired and feel stress is getting the better of you it is important you do something about it before you reach a stage of exhaustion.

Do all you can to reduce the stresses in your life that are having an adverse effect on your health and well-being.

Ensure you give yourself the space and time to eat well and drink plenty of clean, fresh water. An increase in the quality of your diet and nutrition will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best ability.

If your relationships are causing you anxiety then try to work on your attitude towards them.

Start with yourself and try hard not to get "wound up" or drawn into confrontations.

Take a good look at your work-life balance and if you are spending too much time at your job try and make changes. If you have not taken a holiday for a long time then arrange a vacation or short break.

If you work in a polluted area or atmosphere take appropriate steps to protect yourself with a mask, protective clothing, move away from electronic equipment or computer screens etc.

Take every step possible to relax and allow your body to deal with your stress.

Once you have built up your stores of energy you will be prepared to face stress again but this time you will be in a much better position to deal with and recognise it.

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By: Jack Prime

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