Health Wealth Success and Happiness Keys to Creating Your Dream Life Today

Are you aware of the fact that most spiritual belief systems are rooted in a handful of universal concepts? No matter when or where in the world you look?.Did you also know that those universal concepts are the key principles behind creating happiness and success in your life? No? Don't worry you're not alone.Where else can you find the keys to happiness and success? All those self-help and New Age books have them. Usually, hidden in plain sight.

In fact, once you learn what they are you'll see them all over the place.And what are these keys? Here's a simple memory aide for you.PAIDA.The letters PAIDA captures each of those important principles. Just toss in a little meditation during your day.

Maybe add a couple of handy techniques for applying them and you're set.Health, wealth, success and happiness are just waiting around the corner.Ready to live a life filled with happiness and love? Feel more confident? Get rid of stress?.

Try these 5 keys to happiness and success:

  • Presence
  • Attention
  • Intention
  • Detachment
  • Acceptance
.Presence.Presence is about living in the moment. Be here, now. Don't lean into the past or the future with your emotions.Life is happening in the Now.

Don't miss out because you're not where the action is, psychologically.Attention.Whatever you put your attention on becomes stronger in your life.Think a lot of depressing negative thoughts and you're going to increase the misery in your life.

Put your attention on how poor and unlucky you are, the more bad luck and poverty you'll experience.Attention is interesting. You can be in a state of low or negative cash flow.

But if you put your attention on finding opportunities and solving problems you'll find your cash flow problem is temporary.The same principle applies in other areas of your life. If you want to feel good, find things to feel good about. Appreciation of what you do have is the easiest to shift your attention in a positive manner.Intention.Intention is just making the decision to move toward goal, action or state.

Only you mean it. Not an idle daydream. There's a sense of focus to the intent.

Combine presence, with focused attention, to the goal you have chosen with your intent. You are now on your way to achieving whatever you set out to do.Just don't scare your goal away by being attached to attaining it.

Seems like goals can smell neediness.Detachment and Acceptance.Detach. Don't lean emotionally. You can be in the moment planning for the future or learning from the past. Just don't be transported through time, out of the present, via your emotions.

Another word for detachment and acceptance is, surrender.Does that mean you give up on your goals when the going gets tough? Surrender sounds like giving up doesn't it?.No. What I mean is you look at the situation in the present moment. Can you do anything about changing it? Right now? Choose to do so or choose not to do anything about it.What you are surrendering to is the reality of what is.

You're not investing wishful thinking into escaping the reality of the moment.Working to change the situation is fine. Battling it by wishing circumstances were different in the present moment just wastes your time and energy.

What now?.Now, it's time to cultivate these qualities in your own life. Meditation can help.

Also, be aware of when you're not aligned with the PAIDA principles. Just noticing being out of alignment can be a big help in bringing you back.At random times during the day, you can ask yourself, "Am I PAIDA?" And go through the list. Without judgment. Judging yourself will just knock you further out of alignment.After a while you just might find some subtle changes occurring in your life.

"Good Luck" starts finding it's way into your life. Maybe bad habits are disappearing. You're more relaxed, enjoying life.

You are happy!.(C)2006 William Cole, All Rights Reserved.

.William Cole is an experienced energy healer. He provides support for people looking for ways to use energy healing techniques in their lives. Creating lasting, positive changes for themselves and others.

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By: William Cole

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