Do You Want More Dates

Would you like to have more dates and less sitting at home? Do you want to go out more often so you feel you have a wider choice of who you want for a mate? Do you know the way to accomplish this?.There are definite strategies and plans to have more dates, more choices, and more fun. Many of these tips were discovered as the steps to a successful business and can be applied to being successful in getting more eligible people to ask you out.

Here are six steps to get more dates:.* What is your goal?.Do you have a clearly defined goal of attracting more people into your life? If not, why not? Pinpoint the reason you feel you are not dating and start working toward satisfying your need. Do you need to get your financial house in order? Do you need to get to the gym, exercise, and get yourself in shape? Do you need a makeover? Or do you lack confidence? Ask yourself what is holding you back and take steps to remedy it. Help is there for you if you ask for it.*What are your plans to get more dates?.

Not much happens in life unless you do something about it. Do you have some strategies for meeting people? Or have you tried going out a couple of times, not had any luck, and have given up? Now is the time to take out your calendar, make plans with some of your friends to go places this month, call people and tell them you would like to meet someone, and look into an Internet dating service. Do something..*Do you keep your word with yourself and others?.Be sure you are accountable to someone.

That is why it is important to make plans with friends to go places. Tell your best friend what you are going to do to meet future dates and then be accountable to them for doing it. If you don't know how to be accountable to a friend or family member around your plans and promises to meet people, hire a coach.*Do you believe you will never meet someone wonderful for you?.

Check your beliefs. If you think you can't do something, you won't. Replace your negative thoughts with words of encouragement.

If you do it often enough, you will start to believe your new voice.*Do you have a support system in place?.You need allies in your corner, cheering you on, urging you out to meet people.

Learn to start conversations when you are meeting new people, build friendships, be generous with those you care about, and take good care of yourself at all times.*Do you applaud your own efforts?.Often, when we are trying to learn new skills and confidence, if we don't perform the way we think we should, we are hard on ourselves. Every time you make an effort to go places and reach out to people, no matter how it turns out, give yourself a pat on the back for trying.There are all kinds of interesting, fabulous, wonderful people out there for you to meet.

Do you want more dates? If you do, think about the above. Your dating life is waiting for you.

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By: Tonja Weimer

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