Chinese Floods Global Warming and Think Tanks

The Chinese have been just having a terrible time in the last 10-months with floods from heavy rains, but now some snow has melted early and is causing a little bit of a flooding problem in one province. Is the snow melting early due to Global Warming? Some Global Warming alarmists believe it is.Recently in an online think tank one think tanker was criticized for placing a post in the Global Warming section of the website on a Chinese Flooding event which washed away 90 people and in another province killed 117 folks. In his post he stated; "many say it is the worst rains in 100-years.".A critic came to the post and said; "I do not know where you are getting your information from, you need to read up on the 1931 Huang He floods.

" Indeed the 1931 floods are said to have killed between 850,000 to 4,000,000 as per the critic.The original poster came back and defended his post stating; "Well, if you will see that I said "many are saying" it was the biggest "RAINS" not floods; in 100-years; I did not say I was calling it that. Only what was being reported at that time. I suppose if someone interviewed someone from a village where people were swept away, they probably said that right? So, "many are saying." is appropriate and correct.

One could also say that however it was the worst flood in that area on that river in those villages in 100-years at the points of the floods. The comments from those articles were also considered in a Western Context; that is to say was made in considering the US 100-year flood models in areas when pulling permits to build. Not the actual worst flood in China in 100-years, as this particular event was a drop in the bucket really; although for the 700,000 who evacuated not a small event in their lives.Flooding disasters throughout the world kill thousands each year.

Can we attribute a larger number of these deaths to Global Warming or could we simply say that there are more and more people living in flood zones, as there are more and more people wishing to live near water flows to insure drinking water? What say you?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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