Beware of Your Self Talk

We often speak to ourselves either by thinking out loud or simply by acknowledging our thoughts. Sometimes we say to ourselves simple things like plans ahead such as our thoughts about other people, places etc. We also say stuff about ourselves. Some examples of this are "I love my own hair" to "I have ugly eyes.

" The second example mentioned is also known as negative self talk and should be avoided at all costs. When you constantly repeat negative things about yourself it has an impact on your self esteem. It does not matter if you say it aloud in public or just when you are by yourself, it still has the same negative impact on your confidence.

The more you repeat phrases the more your mind will start to believe it as a fact. Therefore, if you are constantly calling yourself a failure then you are going to become a failure. When people are on a negative state of mind they barely try to do anything to change their situation. They figure why even bother trying if I am going to fail anyway?.Now that you are aware of the way that negative self talk affects your confidence make an honest attempt to change your behavior and treat yourself with the utmost respect possible.

Refrain from saying or thinking negative statements about your self. Instead, replace them with positive affirmations. Feel free to say nice things about yourself in front of others too.

I am not suggesting that you go and brag about your best traits forever but it is okay to say a nice thing or two about yourself once in a while.Once your behavior change you will soon start to feel more confident. Even others will pick up on your positive vibe.

However, the most important aspect is that your life will also change for the better since; the confidence will help you tackle life with a whole new attitude.

.Kenia Morales is the publisher of online magazine "For Every Aspect of Today's Woman. Visit her site to find a variety of women related issues and topics.

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By: Kenia Morales

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