Are Women Really Equal and Should They Be

Over the bank holiday, I had the pleasure of watching the women's F.A. Cup final, and this got me thinking about the equality of women in modern society.

The F.A. cup final for the men is a huge occasion with millions watching on television and huge crowds well over 50,000 present at the ground creating an awesome atmosphere.

In the case of the women's final there were 13,452 in attendance and a far less intense atmosphere. The majority of England will have not even known that the event had taken place!.Obviously in this example, women are not equal, due to their lack of physical strength, power and skill in comparison to the men; it is far less popular, although its popularity is increasing in certain circles. This got me thinking, do women deserve to be equal in society?.

All around us in nature wherever we look, we see the males going out to hunt for food, doing the physically challenging activities, whereas the females in nature tend to be the one's caring for their young. I agree there are several examples where this is not the case, but on the whole this is how it goes. Does Mother Nature intend for it to be this way? Maybe Mother Nature intended women to stay at home, cook for the family, nurture the family, while the men go out and earn the living and effectively bring the food in for the family.Logic tells us that women can be equally talented at many jobs and indeed very intelligent, if this is the case then surely they should have the right to go out and use their talents and earn themselves an honest living.

Even today though, in modern society we can see that for doing the same job as a man, women on average earn less, this is not equality in society, these women, equally talented, earn less, and it surely isn't correct or fair? Perhaps modern society is just mirroring the natural laws of nature and by paying them less is making them more inclined to stay at home and look after the young. There is no right or wrong, just ideas, logic tells us that women should have equal rights, whereas it appears to be going against Mother Nature, you decide for yourself, i can't decide that for you!.


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