Ahimsa The Greatest Form Of SelfLove - When Mahatma Gandhi gave us his philosophy of non-violence, or ahimsa, I believe he was preaching the highest form of self-love.

The Alluring Impression of Mens Sounds Smells the Naked Truth in Dating - Personal hygiene and many of our mannerisms - we somehow take these aspects too much for granted.

Four Steps to Ease Your Way Through Change - Copyright 2006 Ada Porat.

First Steps Toward Stopping Your Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks - If you?re like me, you?ve already been through a great deal in trying to find a solution to your anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

Self Knowledge - Self knowledge means more personal power.

High Oil Prices Do Cause Economic Slow Downs - Some say that higher oil prices will not affect our nations economy and they point to last years high oil prices and the cost run ups.

Online Dating Part Your Dream Lover is Waitiing - Movement to a new area, change of circumstance, job or security issues may have brought about a new loneliness when regularly home alone with only the cat and the dishes.

Those Who Can Control Their Mind Can Control the Whole World - What we think about the world and how we perceive it all depends on our mind.

Socrates and Plato - I have no desire to write this communication.

What is NeuroLinguistic Programming NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a behavioural science that was developed in the 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

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Row grows over 'limited mobility' services - basic telecommunication companies and wireless local loop platforms - Brief Article, NEW DELHI -- Basic telephony service providers and cellular operators in India are at loggerheads with one another over the issue of allowing WLL-based mobile services in the country.

Keeping in Touch Isn't Getting Easier - telecommunication services and equipment update - Product Announcement, With more and more telecom gadgets from which to choose, staying in front of the wave gets to be complicated. Here's an update.
Breaking the loop - regulation of telecommunication services and equipment industries - Brief Article, In 1981 Bill Gates predicted that 640,000 bytes of memory ought to be enough fop anyone -- and if he couldn't get it right, who can predict the future of local loop unbundling? Independent consultant Maev Sullivan throws caution to the wind.
Putting grids on the telecom map: envisioning the network operator as provider of "surge" services, Grid computing, the linking together of computers using open standards and architecture to achieve supercomputer performance, may transform the U.S. telecom industry. This was one conclusion of a special telecom session at March's Global Grid Forum meeting in Berlin. Why might this farfetched idea be true?
Family CONNECTIONS - telecommunication services Until Americans can get all their telecom services in one neat package, families like the Harrisons are piecing together their own network.