A Perfect World

We all have our own opinion on what a perfect world would be. The details are as diverse as every individual that has, ever will, or presently lives in the world. While we have our own diverse and cultural differences, I would propose that there are some common basics upon which we can all agree and move forward to build up society from:.(1) Individual Rights
(2) Absolute Respect
(3) Willingness to Serve.

Individual Rights:.Simply stated, you have the "limited" right to do as you please. This means your "rights" are restricted by their effect on other individual's rights.A bit of common sense, here. Let's get rid of the need for lawyers and work things out together.

Let's talk out our solutions.You can't scream in someone's face and claim "free speech". Sorry. Doesn't work. You can not get your own way by bullying intimidation.

Not in a perfect world. If it's not morally correct, don't expect to be supported by the masses. The minority opinions will no longer rue the day. They will not be supported in favor of common sense and the majority's wishes.

Get used to it.In a perfect world there would not be any "race" or "class" distinctions because we are all children of God. We all have similar hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Absolute Respect:.We have the inherent right to believe and practice our beliefs so long as they do not physically injure or restrict other individuals against their will.Common sense, again. We don't need to rely on lawyers anymore. Work it out.

Individuals who persist in perverting the chosen ways of the people and attempting to impose their views or enforce their opinions upon others, interrupting the rejoicings of individuals in their own good and socially acceptable living will be turned away and expelled from among the people and society."Serpent", or individuals who persist in being and teaching evil will be permanently removed from society. Common sense recognizes evil for what it is.Willingness to Serve:.This should be a "given".

We live together in peace and harmony. Most effectively when we are willing to help one another. No coercion. No compulsion.

Willingly step forward and lend a hand to all who are in need. This assumes there are no poor. This assumes there will be no tolerance for social laziness. We must all work to eat. We all can do something.This would, of course, cause major changes in the occupational forces.

There would be no need for police, military, or court and legal systems. Banking systems would evolve into informational and technology tracking systems. The Stock Market exchanges would virtually disappear. The insurance industry would no longer be necessary.

"Retirement" would be a personal decision.Production would be based entirely upon consumption. Research and Development would be driven by actual need. This assumes the abolishing of monetary systems completely.Why does someone need to have more than someone else, just for the sake of having "more"? In this instance, the pursuit and/or obsession to have "more" is pure selfishness.

It is gain for the sake of gain. The elimination of all monetary systems would abolish greed, giving us the opportunity and obligation to work for the common good of all. We could work in occupations we are good at and contribute meaningfully to society in a positive way. We would no longer be bound by concerns over wages and the size of our paychecks.We must all learn to contribute to society because we want to.

Because we can. Because we all wish to work for the common good of one another. No rich, no poor, but all equally eligible to obtain sufficient for our needs.Happiness, ultimately, is not in "having the most toys when you die".

It is in having the most friends while you live. True friends are those individuals whom we willingly facilitate and serve. True friends are those individuals whom we love to be with and spend time with. True friends are individuals who lift, support, and encourage us. True friends are individuals who help us make a perfect world.

What do you think? What would be your advice for attaining a perfect world?.Think about it. Is it possible?.It is, in an unselfish world.

In a perfect world.It begins one person at a time.Be that person.

.Bob Curtis has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has been writing about the elements of relationships for a number of years. He is the manager of the Essential Sunshine Association, a new website for positive relationship development at http://www.

By: Robert Curtis

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