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The Heart of Sexual Pleasure.Ever had an erotic dream? You're in an incredible situation, highly aroused, everything is perfect. I'm sure we all have and this demonstrates a power that is at the root of all sexual pleasure.

'Imagination'.Imagination is the driving force of the human race in all aspects not only sex or our sexual behaviour, whether it be reaching for the stars or being stranded on a desert island with the cast of Baywatch or a dozen firemen. We are the only species known to benefit so greatly from our imagination and it's the reason we have prospered. Unlike other species we can become aroused due to the fantasy worlds we enter in our own minds and this becomes by far our most powerful aphrodisiac. We can become sexually aroused before our partner even arrives!.The ability to use the imagination in sex compliments our innate sexual drives, we can be whoever we want to be in any situation.

Turn the lights down low and become that person you always wanted to be.Inhibitions.Inhibitions are your worst enemy when looking for sexual fulfilment. Morality, taboo's, nervousness and just plain old shyness can wreck the mood and leave both parties unfulfilled.Morality is an easy one to deal with.

If you are uncomfortable breaking your own codes of morality then don't. Talk to your partner and find sexual preferences that you are both comfortable to experiment with.Not many normal sexual activities can be considered taboo anymore, anal and oral sex, bondage, swinging, threesomes are all very commonplace and most people wouldn't bat an eyelid.

Nervousness and shyness can take longer to overcome. If this is stifling your sexual fulfilment you need patience and an understanding partner. The best way to deal with such emotions is to face them head on and take the plunge, do something outrageous every day until it becomes second nature. Ask your partner to watch while you strip or masturbate and within days you will be enjoying more relaxed and thus better sex.Sex Talk.Second only to imagination, words are our greatest asset in the search for sexual pleasure, indeed it only needs a word to spark our minds.

A soft word or two in our ears can change a mood, the power is immense.You can change your partner from a practical bystander during sex to a wild lover with a few carefully chosen whispers or screams for more! Each of us are different so experimentation and communication are the way forward, see what works and keep pushing that button.Sex Positions.There are virtually as many sex positions as there are people to enjoy them and there role in sexual fulfilment has been evident for centuries with works such as the ancient kamashastra and the infamous kamasutra. The rule of thumb once again here is experimentation. We are lucky to live in a world where no two people are alike and no two people gain the same pleasures from the same things, try things out, variety is the spice of life and you might just like them.

Let It All Go.The most important aspect of gaining high sexual pleasure. Let your imagination run wild, push the buttons with your partners special words and sex talk, throw off your inhibitions, experiment with new positions, sexual activities and sex toys and get a little further towards the ultimate night time fun.

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By: Steve Cross

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