Quiz Are You Compassionate With Yourself - We talk of physical abuse.

Guided Meditation To Make You Whole - Guided meditation is a form of stress relief that is conducive to relaxing the whole body, in part by finding a way of peaceful and calming relaxation from within the body.

Ways to Remain Connected During Retirement - One of your biggest fears of retirement may not be giving up the hustle and bustle of the working world but remaining socially connected.

Having A Positive Attitude To Life Brings Many Rewards - I am the type of person who used to have a very negative attitude to most aspects of life.

The Blessings of Returning the Compliment of Another Person - The other day as I watching an open-mike comedy show in California, a young comedian cracked a joke that got me thinking.

The Three Human Principles - Again and again, the role of any humanitarian author in any social context of the world is to think of the right paths; present and future, for any animated being within the human category.

California Earthquake Fog Lights and Precursory Warnings - Some say before a big Earthquake in California that all the animals will run away and the weather will change and a still air fog will appear? Some say that lights of white, red or blue might appear? Indeed lights have been seen before Earthquakes.

Which Therapy - Therapy is a word that covers a very broad spectrum.

Lack of Human Spirit - Have you watched your friends lately, as everyone seems to be slowing down a little, as they seem to not care and continually live in mediocrity? It is almost as if their life energy has left them, but how or why? Are their vitamins in their body.

Developing your Wisdom by Trusting Yourself - Working with body wisdom gives you understanding of changes necessary for ideal health and well being.

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Row grows over 'limited mobility' services - basic telecommunication companies and wireless local loop platforms - Brief Article, NEW DELHI -- Basic telephony service providers and cellular operators in India are at loggerheads with one another over the issue of allowing WLL-based mobile services in the country.

Keeping in Touch Isn't Getting Easier - telecommunication services and equipment update - Product Announcement, With more and more telecom gadgets from which to choose, staying in front of the wave gets to be complicated. Here's an update.
Breaking the loop - regulation of telecommunication services and equipment industries - Brief Article, In 1981 Bill Gates predicted that 640,000 bytes of memory ought to be enough fop anyone -- and if he couldn't get it right, who can predict the future of local loop unbundling? Independent consultant Maev Sullivan throws caution to the wind.
Putting grids on the telecom map: envisioning the network operator as provider of "surge" services, Grid computing, the linking together of computers using open standards and architecture to achieve supercomputer performance, may transform the U.S. telecom industry. This was one conclusion of a special telecom session at March's Global Grid Forum meeting in Berlin. Why might this farfetched idea be true?
Family CONNECTIONS - telecommunication services Until Americans can get all their telecom services in one neat package, families like the Harrisons are piecing together their own network.