Maryland Merry Land Just Like San Francisco Girlie Men - Maryland is the land of liberals and Democrats, who really believe that socialism is better than capitalism and they really believe that our republic would be better off if we redistributed the wealth like a bunch of Communists.

Sexual health problems penis enlargement medication and solutions - Discussion over sexual health related problems like: penis enlargement, breast enlargement and nipple enlargement and its solution through different medication.

Whats Your Self Talk - "If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person?" - Rob Bremer, Speaker.

Fourth of July International Terrorists Is America Safe - Is the United States of America safe for the Fourth of July weekend? Why do I ask well because I have no faith at all in our government to protect the American People? I do however have faith in the government to protect themselves in Washington D.

Circling Your Wagons Dealing With Hell Raisers and Tossed Salads - ?Any committee is only as good as the most knowledgeable, determined and vigorous person on it.

Where Are Business Women Going - Are you one of these business women?.

Learning To Think Powerfully Like The Masters - Do you find yourself wondering why your life is what it is? How is it that some folks seem to get whatever they want, while you seem to be stuck in a rut? Have you been asking how to turn your life around?.

Why Morality Rules on Sex Government has No Morality - Why does the government wish to regulate morality and make rules on sex and enforce those rules all the American people? The government has no morality and our politicians do not seem to have any sexual morality.

Looking For Someone Simple HowTo Guide To Locating Them Now - Are you looking for a long lost friend or even a relative that you?ve fallen out of touch with? If so, online People Finders are one way to help you get started with your search.

Are You Human Plus - Have you noticed how many people in our society and civilization have simply turned off their minds and now have surrendered them to the television set? It is amazing how many people have stopped thinking and appear to be of very low IQ.

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Row grows over 'limited mobility' services - basic telecommunication companies and wireless local loop platforms - Brief Article, NEW DELHI -- Basic telephony service providers and cellular operators in India are at loggerheads with one another over the issue of allowing WLL-based mobile services in the country.

Keeping in Touch Isn't Getting Easier - telecommunication services and equipment update - Product Announcement, With more and more telecom gadgets from which to choose, staying in front of the wave gets to be complicated. Here's an update.
Breaking the loop - regulation of telecommunication services and equipment industries - Brief Article, In 1981 Bill Gates predicted that 640,000 bytes of memory ought to be enough fop anyone -- and if he couldn't get it right, who can predict the future of local loop unbundling? Independent consultant Maev Sullivan throws caution to the wind.
Putting grids on the telecom map: envisioning the network operator as provider of "surge" services, Grid computing, the linking together of computers using open standards and architecture to achieve supercomputer performance, may transform the U.S. telecom industry. This was one conclusion of a special telecom session at March's Global Grid Forum meeting in Berlin. Why might this farfetched idea be true?
Family CONNECTIONS - telecommunication services Until Americans can get all their telecom services in one neat package, families like the Harrisons are piecing together their own network.